If you would like to show interest in owning a baby from a UKpouchies recommended breeder then please feel free to contact us.

When looking for your pouched rat you are best off trying to source one from a small private breeder or a hobby breeder as opposed to a commercial breeder. The reason why this is preferred is that in most instances, commercial breeders will be breeding a large quantity and variety of animals and will not have the time to dedicate to handling and working with the animals.

As a hobby breeder our Pouched Rats are first and foremost family pets. The species is considered to be female dominant and the females will dictate as and when they wish to breed and they will only do so if they are happy and in a safe and secure environment.

We put the health of our pets as our number one priority and will restrict the breeding of our Gambians if we feel they are producing litters too frequently.

Should you wish to express an interest or reserve a place on our waiting list please contact us.(Before we consider any new owners our screening form must be completed and forwarded to us):

We currently have no litters available, please view on Available Litters page.
We are considering reservations for 2019/20 litters

All babies have been handled from birth and are fully handle-able; we pride ourselves on being able to produce hand tame babies. We do not reccommend that juveniles leave us until at least 6 weeks old minimum.

With all of our litters we require prospective buyers to complete a screening form and sales contract (please click on forms below) to ensure the welfare of the babies; until a screening form has been completed and accepted and a deposit recieved, respective babies are not classed as being reserved and will be sold on a first come first served basis so long as the pre-requisites have been satisfied.

We always request to meet buyers face to face so that we can fully ascertain their understanding and requirments of a Pouched Rat.

Deposit Required

Should you wish to reserve a baby from the current litter or register interest in a future litter we would request a deposit of £25. We use this procedure as a display from buyer to breeder that they are committed to the sale. Deposits are accepted in the cases of the following:

  • Holding an animal until buyer is ready to fully secure from breeder. Should a buyer change their mind upon the purchase of an animal they have secured a deposit upon, this deposit will become non refundable.
  • To secure youngsters prior to them being born. This type of deposit can be refunded if projected youngsters have not become available, or the sex of a youngster required is not present.
  • To ensure waiting list position is secured. Should a buyer change their mind upon the purchase of an animal they have secured a deposit upon, this deposit will become non refundable.

The buyer will be allowed to visit the breeders premises to be able to view the animal/s for sale. We believe this is the best approach in so far for the buyer to view the animals within their current enclosures and so the buyer/s are enabled a clear display of the animals normal behaviour. We also like to meet all potential new owners face to face so that we may fully discuss the commitment you will be taking on.

However in order to minimize disturbance to the animals for sale and to reduce their stress we do therefore try to limit these visitations to genuinely interested and serious parties only.