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COSTECH Award for detection rats technology

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COSTECH Award for detection rats technology

Post by Trekky » 10 Sep 2010 11:43

APOPO and SUA (Sokoine University of Agriculture, where Apopo are based) have received the fantastic news that their HeroRATs have been honored with a TASTA – Tanzanian Award for Scientific and Technological Achievement.
In most of Tanzania, rats have long been considered a pest – so this is indeed an achievement! APOPO has until now received much of its recognition on a global platform; so they are very excited to receive this accolade for their detection
rats technology on their home soil!
The award from COSTECH (Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology) recognized the HeroRATs as a local ‘innovation’, with visible socioeconomic impact. The Tanzanian Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives,
Hon. Professor Peter Mahmoud Msolla handed over the Award to the Vice Chancellor of SUA, Professor G.C. Monela.
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