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Funding successes and flying HeroRATs

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 11:07
by Trekky
APOPO and the HeroRATs were grateful to receive a significant increase in the annual funding provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Their operational team in Mozambique is on schedule to meet the 2014 goal for Mozambique to be mine-impact free, and some new recruits have just arrived on the scene to provide additional support.
Eight recent HeroRAT graduates from the training center in Tanzania boarded the plane to Mozambique for their official accreditation test and first humanitarian demining assignment! Once they pass their accreditation test with the National
Demining Institute, they will be official Mine Detection Rats (MDRs) and can start helping their teammates in clearing more land, faster!

The team at their Tuberculosis (TB) Detection Center also received the exciting news that the funding for their three-year research plan for TB detection by rats has been approved! A new building is almost finished at the TB Detection Center,
which will create more space for the HeroRAT kennels and training rooms to conduct further experiments into their rats’ disease detection abilities. New young rats are being trained for the task, and the aim for the next three years is to
optimize their rat detection technology in this area and work on implementation models.