We started off our obsession with rodents back in 1991 when we had our first fancy rat. From this point we have been involved in showing and breeding of rats, of all varieties.

We are keen pet enthusiasts and have kept a wide variety of animals including reptiles, amphibians and fish.

We found our first Gambian in 2007, a 5 week old female which we subsequently named Ziyal. Ziyal came from a small reputable breeder who specialised in exotic mammals. She was hand reared from 2 days old and this was reflected in her very gentle nature. She was fully hand tame and there was not an ounce of aggressive behaviour evident.

We subsequently found Ziyal a mate who we sourced from a separate breeder to ensure that the blood lines were not mixed; we named our male Odo. We purchased Odo again at around 5 weeks old however Odo was not hand reared by his breeder and required work to enable him to be handled by us.

We introduced our male and female when the male was 3 months and the female 7 months. The pairing proved to be a great success. The first successful mating of the pair occurred in spring of 2008 with the healthy arrival of their first litter. As time has gone by UKpouchies has grown and so has the number of rats we have owned over the years, so why not meet our rats for yourself on the following pages.

In January 2015 Lesley and her family moved to America and sadly had to leave their pouched rat family behind with members of the UKpouchies UK based team, due to restrictions imposed on importing and owning pouched rats in the USA.

However dispite the move to America, we are more than happy to offer any advice to anyone who has an enquiry regarding these fascinating creatures, either drop us an enquiry or give us a call and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


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