Beware of Scammers!

Dear Community

A scam involving a Pouched Rat in the US was recently dealt with jointly by UKpouchies and the National Pouched Rat Society.

This elaborate scam is not one we have seen before and involves the seller claiming to have a rare or expensive animal for sale or rehome.

This generally involves not asking for payment upfront and the scammer stating they will courier the animal directly to you, to pay after delivery. Followed by the scammer then pretending to be the delivery company and wanting a large payment for delivery.

These scams seemingly originate from Cameroon. To state the scammers put a lot of time and effort into their profiles would be an understatement as they can be very convincing with many months of “normal” posts made before the scam is enacted with other fake accounts to add credence to their profile.

We would always advise the following for sales, rehomes or purchase of ANY animal.

• Always ask to see pictures of the animal/s

• Speak directly, via telephone or video call with the breeders or owners first.

• If possible, do not pay anything via PayPal, especially using the “Friends or Family” method. Elect for cash on collection or Escrow if dealing with someone entirely new.

• If ANYTHING, “feels” out of place. Ask someone in the community for a second opinion.

On this subject, as far as both UKpouchies and the National Pouched Rat Society are aware, there are NO Pet Pouched Rats in the United States, other than those living wild in the Florida Keys which are NOT suitable pets.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to either the team at UKpouchies or the National Pouched Rat Society.


UKpouchies + National Pouched Rat Society