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Herorats diet

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Herorats diet

Post by Marierat » 15 Apr 2009 17:05

Do you know if APOPO feed their GPR's with 'Oil Palm Fruit'?

I would be interesting to know what diet they actually use for their rats. ;)

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Re: Herorats diet

Post by Ratchet » 15 Apr 2009 20:58

Hi Marie

Acording to Apopo they feed their rats on a staple of bananas and penuts which is mainly administered through rewards from active training or work.

There are reports of Gambian Pouched Rats having a taste for Palm fruit in the wild as they like its fleshy fruit; as regards being part of their diet with Apopo I am unsure, the fruit itself takes up to 5 or 6 months to mature from propogation so its not a quick turnaround; i suppose they could be cultivated to produce staged harvests but as I say, I have never seen mention of Apopo using this myself.

Hope this helps


Ratchet :twisted:

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